Fun and educational Online Games for kids: maths, spelling...

Learning kids games: a cool interactive website to play at school or at home!

Online puzzles, interactive labyrinths, colouring games, science riddles, maths exercises, spelling tests. Each game of this website was developed specifically to learn through play! They are ideal for children between 6 and 12. But no matter what your age, you are always welcome on Nicoland's Internet educational world!

Nicoland's children's games: have fun and improve your spelling and maths

The children's game Nicoland is an educational site for kids aged 6 - 12. Your child will improve his spelling and maths skills while playing. Nicoland even contains exercises to learn French, as well as documents, texts, games for children, tests and quizzes on Science, History and Geography. Learning really becomes an exciting game on Nicoland, through its adventures on a tropical island!

Educational kids games : maths and spelling exercises for children

The success of the site Nicoland and its educational games for kids come not only from the quality of the spelling exercises and the online maths tests. Its success comes also because it is a new, fun and interactive way to learn on the Internet. The 70.000 children who play, at school or at home, with Nico and his friends, say it is a really cool website!

The games on Nicoland were developed to allow children to learn through play on the Internet. While playing, they practice spelling, conjugations, sums and they discover maths, science, history and geography. Each exercise in Nicoland belongs to a specific category: 6 to 8 years, 8 to 10 years and 10 to 12 years.

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